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Troubleshooting The Installation - Cisco 12000 Series Installation And Configuration Manual

Cisco systems atm line card installation and configuration
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1. This LED sequence only appears in Cisco IOS release 12.0(24)S or later.
2. The fabric downloader loads the Cisco IOS software image onto the line card.

Troubleshooting the Installation

Many new line cards are designated as administratively down by default. Status LEDs are off until you
configure the interfaces and use the no shutdown command.
If the Active LED (Link LED or status LED for line cards with no Active LED) or the alphanumeric
display LEDs on a line card do not go on, there is either a problem with the line card installation or a
hardware failure. To verify that the line card is installed correctly, follow these steps:
If the Active LED fails to go on, but the alphanumeric display LEDs on the line card indicate activity,
Step 1
verify that the initialization sequence ends with IOS RUN. If this is the case, verify that the interface is
not shut down. If it is not, suspect a circuitry problem with the Active LED and contact a service
representative for further assistance.
If the Active LED on the line card fails to go on or the alphanumeric display LEDs do not indicate IOS
Step 2
RUN, check the router connections as follows:
After the line card reinitializes, the Active LED on the line card should go on. If the Active LED goes
on, the installation is complete; if the Active LED does not go on, proceed to the next step.
If the Active LED still fails to go on, remove the ATM line card and try installing it in another available
Step 3
line card slot.
If an error message displays on the console terminal during the line card initialization, see the
Step 4
appropriate reference publication for error message definitions. If you experience other problems that
you cannot solve, contact a service representative for assistance.
For more information on troubleshooting and diagnostics, refer to the installation and configuration
guide that came with your Cisco 12000 series router.
Verify that the line card board connector is fully seated in the backplane. Loosen the captive
installation screws and firmly pivot the ejector levers toward each other until both are perpendicular
to the line card faceplate. Tighten the captive installation screws.
Verify that all power cords and data cables are firmly connected at both ends.
Verify that all memory modules on the card are fully seated and secured to their sockets.
If the Active LED goes on when the line card is installed in the new slot, suspect a failed backplane
port in the original line card slot.
If the Active LED and alphanumeric display LEDs still do not go on, halt the installation. Contact
a service representative to report the faulty equipment and obtain further instructions.
Verifying and Troubleshooting Line Card Installation
ATM Line Card Installation and Configuration


Table of Contents

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