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Configuring And Troubleshooting Interfaces - Cisco 12000 Series Installation And Configuration Manual

Cisco systems atm line card installation and configuration
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A Cisco 12000 Series Router identifies an interface address by its line card slot number and port number,
in the format slot/port. The ATM interfaces on the line card are numbered starting from 0: a one-port
card has only port 0, while a four-port card has ports 0 to 3. For example, the slot/port address of the first
ATM interface on a ATM line card installed in line card slot 2 is 2/0.
Before you can use the configure command, you must enter the privileged level of the EXEC command
interpreter with the enable command. The router will prompt you for a password if one is set.
Use the following procedure to configure the ATM line card. Press the Return key after each
configuration step unless otherwise noted.
Step 1
Confirm that the router recognizes the card by entering the show version command:
Router# show version
Step 2
Check the status of each port by entering the show interface command:
Router# show interface
Step 3
Enter configuration mode by entering the configure terminal command and specify that the console
terminal will be the source of the configuration subcommands:
Router# configure terminal
Step 4
At the prompt, specify the new ATM interface to configure by entering the interface command, followed
by the type (atm) and slot/port (line card slot number/port number).
For example, to configure port 3 of an ATM line card in interface processor slot 1, enter the interface
atm command as follows:
Router(config)# interface atm 1/3
Assign an IP address and subnet mask to the interface with the ip address configuration subcommand,
Step 5
as in the following example:
Router(config-if)# ip address
Configure a permanent virtual circuit (PVC), as in the following example:
Step 6
Router(config-if)# pvc 1/17
Change the shutdown state to up and enable the interface by entering the no shutdown command:
Step 7
Router(config-if)# no shutdown
The no shutdown command passes an enable command to the ATM line card, which then begins
segmentation and reassembly (SAR) operations. It also causes the line card to configure itself based on
the most recent configuration commands received by the line card.
For traffic to flow successfully, PVCs must use the same numbers on both ends of the link.
Add any other configuration subcommands required to complete this specific configuration.

Configuring and Troubleshooting Interfaces

ATM Line Card Installation and Configuration


Table of Contents

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