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Installing A Sodimm - Cisco 12000 Series Installation And Configuration Manual

Cisco systems atm line card installation and configuration
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Installing a SODIMM

Use the following procedure to install a SODIMM.
If you are installing both SODIMMs, be sure to install SODIMM0 first.
Step 1
Attach an ESD-preventive wrist or ankle strap and follow its instructions for use.
Step 2
Place the line card on an antistatic mat so that the faceplate is nearest to you.
Step 3
If there is a retaining clip, check to make sure that it has not been damaged or bent
Figure 28
If the retaining clip is damaged, do not use it. This can damage the SODIMM socket.
Locate the route memory socket on the line card.
Step 4
Remove the new SODIMM from its protective antistatic bag.
Step 5
Grasp the edges of the SODIMM only. Do not touch the integrated circuit devices on the SODIMM, the
metal traces or fingers along the edge of the SODIMM, or the pins in the SODIMM socket.
Step 6
Line up the SODIMM key with the key in the board socket
Some line cards do not require a retaining clip.
SODIMM Socket Retaining Clip
ATM Line Card Installation and Configuration
Line Card Memory


Table of Contents

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