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Oil-free screw compressor
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4.20.6 Attach the bull gear
Bull gear
4.20.7 Attach the oil pump gear shaft
M10 bolt
Oil pump gear
Oil pump gear shaft assy.
Part code No : 59010830 (Fixed speed type)
: 59010840 (Vtype)
4.20.8 Attach the gear case and the oil case.
4.20.9 Attach the air end.
Bushing replacement shall be done after removing the oil pump. And when the main motor is attached, carefully
intermesh the gears teeth without excessive force.
Gear retaining plate
Oil pump gear shaft
Confidential to Customer
① Attach the key.
② Apply the anti seizing paste between the motor shaft
and the bull gear.
Anti seizing paste shall be the molybdenum disulfide
③ Attach the bull gear onto the main motor shaft by
shrink fitting. The bull gear shall be contact the
motor shaft end face. The temperature for the shrink
fitting shall be 300℉ (150℃).
④ Attach the gear retaining plate. Keep in mind that
M20 bolt is the left hand screw.
① Attach the oil pump gear shaft on the bull gear.
Tighten the 6×M10 bolts.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents