Appearance Water-Cooled - Hitachi NEXT Series Service Manual

Oil-free screw compressor
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1.3 Appearance
[Front View]
Air Exhaust
(Air Compressor Package)
This panel discharges
the hot air generated in
the air compressor.
Air Intake
(Inlet to the Air End)
Left Door
Open the left door only
when servicing the
DSP air compressor.
Keep it closed when
operating the DSP air
Oil Level Gauge
T h i s i n d i c a t e s t h e
quantity of the oil in
the gear case. Check
t h e o i l l e v e l b e f o r e
starting the DSP and
when operating it.
[Rear View]
Power Supply Port
Check the
specifications, supply
voltage and frequency
before connecting the
Air Intake
(Air for Package)
(Vtype only)
Air Intake
Air Exhaust
Air Intake
Air Exhaust
Air Intake
E n c l o s u r e p a n e l s
lower the sound level
of the air compressor
Instrument Panel
Plate of Operating /
Servicing Instructions
R e a d c a re f u l l y t h e
plate before operating
and servicing the DSP.
Oil Filling Port
Use the port to fill the
gear case with oil.
Compressed Air Discharge
Sling Fitting
Use the sling fitting
w h e n m o v i n g a n d
installing the DSP air
Air Intake
(Air Compressor Package)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents