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Oil-free screw compressor
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4.8 Clean Cooler (Annually)

Front panel
Front door (1)
Maintenance cover (4)
Maintenance cover (1)
Rear panel (3)
Wire brush
cover (2)
Front door (2)
Front frame
Maintenance cover (3)
Magnet rubber
Rear panel (2) Rear panel (1)
Oil cooler
For light and non-greasy dust particle
① Remove the front door and panel and rear panel
[Ref.No. 904, 905, 906, 944, 953, 911, 912, 913].
② Remove the maintenance cover (1)(2)(3)(4).
③ Use an air nozzle to blow the cooler surfaces.
For heavy and greasy dust particles
(detaching the cooler)
① Remove the enclosure panels.
② Drain the oil from the system.
③ Disconnect all the sensor wires from the cooler.
④ Disconnect all air / oil pipes at the joints.
⑤ Disconnect the discharge pipe.
⑥ Loosen and remove the cooler bolts.
For heavy and greasy dust particles
(cleaning the detached cooler):
① Use an air nozzle to blow the cooler surfaces.
② Soak the cooler in a detergent bath or spray
detergent onto the cooler. Use an air nozzle to blow
the cooler surfaces.
③ Generally, there are 3 kinds of dust and dirt particles.
      ・ Light dust particles
      ・ Heavy dust particles
      ・ Greasy dust particles
Contact the local HITACHI distributor/master
dealer or representative office for the detail.
● Oil cooler
Scale removal
Remove the oil cooler water chamber cover. Flush
with scale remover and use a brass wire brush to
remove the scale from the inner surfaces of the oil
cooler tube nest.
● Intercooler/Aftercooler
If scale build up occurs often, contact the local
H I T A C H I d i s t r i b u t o r / m a s t e r d e a l e r o r
representative office for scale removal.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents