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4.10 Main Motor Greasing

The main motor bearings must be greased as following
Grease following amount of RMS grease (Ref. No. 455)
(Raremax Super by Kodo Yushi) .
● Contact the local HITACHI distributor/master dealer or
representative office for the grease detail.
● Greasing must be done while the main motor
● Cleaning of grease pan must be done while the air
compressor stops.
● Example of grease gun
Lever-type grease gun CH-400 Micro-Hose (pin type
SPK-1C) by Yamada Corporation
Grease filling amount
Operation condition
For 8,000 hours or less
Every 3
operating hours per year
For 4,000 hours or less
Every 6
operating hours per year
[Fixed speed type]
Load-side bearing
Grease port
Grease pan
Be cautious of replenishing grease more than the spcified amont. It may cause leaking of grease and/or
malfunction of the protective device due to overheat of the bearing. Grease at once during start-up
commissioning. Periodically replace the main motor bearing in accordance with
Maintenance Schedule A Maintenance Schedule B in pages 13 to 16
Filling amount
Fixed-speed Variable-speed
Fill 2.3 oz
(65 g) each
Fill 2.6 oz
on the load
(75 g) on the
and opposite
load side.
Anti-Load-Side bearing
Grease port
Grease pan
① Open the front door. Inject a specified amount of
grease through the grease inlet using a grease gun.
② If used grease is discharged in the grease pan under
the grease inlet, clean the pan as necessary.
③ Close the front door.
The bearing on the opposite side is shield type; filling
of grease is not necessary on the opposite side.
Load-side bearing
Grease port
Grease pan
"3. Maintenance"

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents