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Oil-free screw compressor
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4.19.2 Main motor removal for the Vtype.
① With hanging the motor by using a two motor eyebolts, remove the 8×M16-45 bolt for the gear casing and shaft seal
cover, and remove the 2×M16-60 for the motor and base plate
② Screw the 2×M16 stud bolt into the removal holes, and remove the shaft seal cover from the gear casing by using the
2×M16-80 bolt. 2×M16-80 bolt shall be tightened alternately.
③ When the shaft seal cover is removed from the gear casing, change the 2×M16-80 bolt to 2×M16 eyebolts. Hang the
motor by four motor eyebolts so that motor can keep the horizontal situation.
④ Move the motor for ODE side until bull gear can be seen.
⑤ Remove the motor. If you want to remove the motor for horizontal direction, lift the motor by crane so that shaft seal
cover does not hit the motor base.
2×M16-80 bolt
(Hang the motor by four motor eyebolts)
2×M16 eyebolts
8×M16-45 bolt
Gear Casing
Shaft Seal Cover
Gear casing
Shaft seal cover
Motor base
Confidential to Customer
55kW Motor Waight 441lbs (200 kg),
75kW Motor Waight 507 lbs (230 kg)
Bull gear
Gear Casing
2×M16 stud bolt
2×M16-80 bolt
Gear casing

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents