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Oil-free screw compressor
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◆ Cleaning of strainer
◆ Cleaning of orifice
■ Cleaning of strainer element
The strainers for both the intercooler and
aftercooler shall be cleaned.
① Discharge the compressed air in the procedure in
page 20.
② Loosen the plug of strainer slowly with release the
internal pressure.
③   R emove the cover of the strainer.
④ Remove the element, wash with water and blow air.
⑤   R emove the element from inside the strainer and
wash with water.
⑥ Replace the cleaned element in its original position
and set the O-ring or gasket, and plug properly.
■ Cleaning of orifice
Inspect and clean the orifices annually. Be sure to
stop the air compressor before inspecting and/or
cleaning the orifices.
■   R eplacement of the strainer and solenoid
Replace the solenoid valve and the strainer every 2
years (if operating 8000 hours/year) or 3 years (if
operating 4000 hours/ year) to new whole
assembled parts.
● Verify that there is discharged air with
condensate is discharged through the drain
ports of intercooler and aftercooler every
45seconds for 45/55 kW model and every 30
seconds for 75 kW model during loading.
● If compressed air is not discharged, clean
and unclog the drain port (filter & orifice).
● Operating the air compressor without
d r a i n i n g t h e c o n d e n s a t e f r o m t h e
intercooler/afterooler, may rust the airend
internally and cause a major failure.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents