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Oil-free screw compressor
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4.20.5 Bushing replacement
10×M16 bolts
Shaft seal cover
4×M8 flat head bolt
General pulley remover
■ Removal procedure
① Loosen the 10×M16 bolts and remove the shaft seal cover from
the main motor.
② Remove the 4×M8 flat head bolt. For the Vtype, remove the M6
set screw.
③ Remove the bushing, O-ring (inside) and collar together by using
the general pulley remover.
■ Assembling procedure
①-A (Fixed speed type)
Attach the collar onto the main motor shaft by shrink fitting. The
collar shall be contact the motor slinger. The temperature for the
shrink fitting shall be c①-B (Vtype)
Adjust the position of the M6 set screw for the collar and for the
motor shaft. Tighten the M6 set screw with applying the adhesive
(ThreeBond TB1324N (red)).
② Attach the O-ring and bushing. Tighten the 4×M8 flat head bolt.
③ Attach the shaft seal cover and tighten the 10×M16 bolts.
M8 flat head bolt
Fixed speed type
Confidential to Customer
Sample of general pulley remover
M6 set screw

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents