Hitachi NEXT Series Service Manual page 42

Oil-free screw compressor
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⑦ Attach valve plate (C) (515), spacer (542), and valve
plate (A) (514) in this order to the STV body of the
air cylinder. Then, fix them using spring washer
(529) and nut (530).
When attaching the valve, make sure that the
direction of the valve is correct.
⑧ Attach blowoff valve piston (506), valve sheet of
blowof f valve piston (507) plate (508), and seal
washer (534) in this order to the end of air cylinder.
Attach that, fix them with bolts.
⑨ Fix blowoff valve body (532) with bolts.
Confidential to Customer
⑩ Attach air cylinder packing (511) to the STV body,
and then mount the air cylinder assembly. Check the
matching mark around the air cylinder in advance.
⑪ Mount the blowoff silencer assembly and attach the
suction throttle valve assembly to the suction port of
the 1st-stage air end. After that, connect the pipes
and ducts to put them back to their original state.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents