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Wet System - Husqvarna K7000 Workshop Manual

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Hose clips
Oetiker system
The machine is originally fitted mainly with a single-use Oetiker ear
clip. This type of clip has the advantage of being able to give small-
dimension hoses even clamping force all round with a minimal risk
of leakage. Never replace with any other type of hose clip.
Standard cutting pliers are used to remove the ear clip.
Oetiker's special pliers are the best tool for fitting. These are
manufactured by Knipex but are normally sold by Oetiker distri -
butors only. These pliers are labelled: SYSTEM OETIKER, KNIPEX
Alternatively, cutting pliers can be used which are modified by
grinding down the edge.
Note that the special pliers are designed to be able to fit the ear clip
in two directions.
Use cutting pliers and cut the hose clip right across the ear.
Separate the clip and remove it.
Place the hose clip in the right position on the hose, then compress
the clip with the pliers.
The photo on the right shows a hose clip fitted correctly.
Hose clips for spray nozzles
The hose clips for the spray nozzles are of reusable type.
Open the hose clip by pushing up the lock catch with a
Close the hose clip by pressing it together with some pliers.

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