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Husqvarna K7000 Workshop Manual page 10

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Dismantling –
blade guard/bearing housing
Remove the cutting head from the machine as shown on the
previous page.
This section describes dismantling of the components in the
cutting unit and ends with an instruction on how to replace the
blade shaft bearings.
The centre bush for the blade can be replaced and is available in
different diameters.
Press up the centre bush with two open ended spanners. Now
remove the inner flange washer.
Remove the spacer together with the bearing seal.
Check that the seal is intact. Dirt under this indicates defective
seals and these should be replaced.
The washer and the three screws hold the blade guard against the
bearing housing. Remove the screws and the washer.
Lift off the disk protection from the bearing housing.
Check that the screen rings for locking the disk protection are
Also check that the rubber ring under the screen ring is in good
condition. The rubber ring serves as a spring to keep the gears

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