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Husqvarna K7000 Workshop Manual page 16

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Wet system
A spray nozzle is located on each side of the blade guard. The
water strikes a section of the cutting blade and the centrifugal force
carries it out towards the blade's diamond segment.
The spray nozzles are available with several different hole
diameters depending on the type of machine and application.
Find the right nozzle in the spare parts list.
Replacing the spray nozzles
The intake is located with special screws that direct the water to the
spray nozzles underneath.
Remove the screw.
Remove the spray nozzle.
Fit the right dimension
Check in the spares list that the spray nozzle with the correct
dimension is
Light tightening
The spray nozzles have a thin material between the outer and inner
thread. Tighten the spray nozzles with a light force.
Filter replacement
A normal wood screw works excellently as a removal tool for the
filter. Screw the screw into the filter and pull this out.
Fit the filter by pressing it in on a flat surface.

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