Husqvarna Cut-n-Break K 760 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna Cut-n-Break K 760 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna power cutter operator's manual
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Operator's manual
K 760
Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure
you understand the instructions before using the machine.
It is the owner's responsibility to make sure that any
E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h
person who use this power cutter have read this manual!


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Husqvarna Cut-n-Break K 760

  • Page 1 Operator’s manual K 760 Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that any E E E E n n n n g g g g l l l l i i i i s s s s h h h h person who use this power cutter have read this manual!
  • Page 2: Key To Symbols

    Symbols on the machine: WARNING! The machine can be a dangerous tool if used incorrectly or carelessly, which can cause serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbols on the machine: ... Explanation of warning levels ... CONTENTS Contents ... PRESENTATION Dear customer! ... Features ... PRESENTATION What is what on the power cutter - K 760? ... What is what on the power cutter - K 760 Rescue? ... MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT General ...
  • Page 4: Presentation

    More than 300 years of innovation Husqvarna AB is a Swedish company based on a tradition that dates back to 1689, when the Swedish King Charles XI ordered the construction of a factory for production of muskets.
  • Page 5: Presentation

    What is what on the power cutter - K 760? 1 Front handle 2 Water tap 3 Warning decal 4 Air filter cover 5 Cylinder cover 6 Choke 7 Throttle lockout 8 Throttle control 9 Start throttle lock 10 Stop switch 11 Disconnection function for OilGuard (K760 OilGuard) 12 Starter handle 13 Starter...
  • Page 6: What Is What On The Power Cutter - K 760 Rescue

    MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT General WARNING! Never use a machine that has faulty safety equipment! If your machine fails any of these checks contact your service agent to get it repaired. The engine should be switched off, and the stop switch in STOP position. This section describes the machine′s safety equipment, its purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be carried out to ensure that it operates correctly.
  • Page 7 MACHINE´S SAFETY EQUIPMENT Vibration damping system WARNING! Overexposure to vibration can lead to circulatory damage or nerve damage in people who have impaired circulation. Contact your doctor if you experience symptoms of overexposure to vibration. Such symptoms include numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, pricking, pain, loss of strength, changes in skin colour or condition.
  • Page 8: Cutting Blades

    General WARNING! A cutting blade may burst and cause injury to the operator. • Cutting blades are available in two basic designs; abrasive baldes and diamond blades. • High-quality blades are often most economical. Lower quality blades often have inferior cutting capacity and a shorter service life, which results in a higher cost in relation to the quantity of material that is cut.
  • Page 9: Diamond Blades

    Government regulation requires a different type of guarding for carbide tipped blades not available on power cutters – a so called 360 degree guard. Power Cutters (this saw) use Abrasive or Diamond blades and have a different guarding system which does not provide protection against the dangers presented by wood cutting blades.
  • Page 10: Assembling And Adjustments

    (B) are fitted in the tank. • If you are in a situation where you do not have access to Husqvarna OilGuard oil, but you have oil of a similar quality, you can deactivate the OilGuard system using the disconnection function.
  • Page 11: Fuel Handling

    When working at continuous high revs a higher octane rating is recommended. Environment fuel HUSQVARNA recommends the use of alkylate fuel or environment fuel for four-stroke engines blended with two- stroke oil as set out below. Note that carburetor adjustment may be necessary when changing the type of fuel (see instructions under the heading Carburetor).
  • Page 12: Fueling

    Once the machine is running, a detector reads the fuel quality which takes about ten seconds. If the correct amount of Husqvarna OilGuard oil has been used, the machine will run at a normal speed. If the wrong type of oil...
  • Page 13: Operating

    Protective equipment General • Do not use the machine unless you are able to call for help in the event of an accident. Personal protective equipment You must use approved personal protective equipment whenever you use the machine. Personal protective equipment cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will reduce the degree of injury if an accident does happen.
  • Page 14: Basic Working Techniques

    Work area safety WARNING! The safety distance for the power cutter is 15 metres (50 foot). You are responsible to ensure that animals and onlookers are not within the working area. Do not start cutting until the working area is clear and you are standing firmly.
  • Page 15: Transport And Storage

    Kickback WARNING! Kickbacks are sudden and can be very violent. The power cutter can be thrown up and back towards the user in a rotating motion causing serious or even fatal injury. It is vital to understand what causes kickback and how to avoid it before using the machine.
  • Page 16: Starting And Stopping

    STARTING AND STOPPING Before starting WARNING! Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. Wear personal protective equipment. See instructions under the heading ”Personal protective equipment”. Make sure no unauthorised persons are in the working area, otherwise there is a risk of serious personal injury.
  • Page 17: Stopping

    STARTING AND STOPPING • With a cold engine: The machine stops when the engine fires becase the chokel control is pulled out. Press the choke control and the decompression valve. Pull the starter handle until the engine starts. • When the engine starts, quickly apply full throttle to automatically disengage fast idle.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    • Let your Husqvarna dealer regularly check the machine and make essential adjustments and repairs. Maintenance schedule In the maintenance schedule you can see which parts of your machine that require maintenance, and with which intervals it should take place.
  • Page 19: Cleaning

    When the machine is equipped with a friction retarder, a scraping sound can be heard from the bearing housing when the blade is turned by hand. This is quite normal. Please contact an accredited Husqvarna workshop if you have any questions. •...
  • Page 20: Replacing The Drive Belt

    Replacing the drive belt WARNING! Never start the engine when the belt pulley and clutch are removed for maintenance. Do not start the machine without the cutting arm or cutting head fitted. Otherwise the clutch could come loose and cause personal injuries. •...
  • Page 21 Starter WARNING! When the recoil spring is wound up in the starter housing it is under tension and can, if handled carelessly, pop out and cause personal injury. Always be careful when changing the recoil spring or the starter cord. Always wear protective goggles.
  • Page 22: Fuel System

    Fitting the starter • To fit the starter, first pull out the starter cord and place the starter in position against the crankcase. Then slowly release the starter cord so that the pulley engages with the pawls. • Tighten the screws. Fuel system General •...
  • Page 23: Technical Data

    Technical data Motor Cylinder displacement, cm Cylinder bore, mm/inch Stroke, mm/inch Idle speed, rpm Recommended max. speed, rpm Power, kW/ rpm Ignition system Manufacturer of ignition system Type of ignition system Spark plug Electrode gap, mm/inch Fuel and lubrication system Manufacturer of carburetor Carburetor type Fuel tank capacity, litre/US pint...
  • Page 24: Federal Emission Control Warranty Statement

    REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF PARTS Repair or replacement of any warranted part will be performed at no charge to the owner at an approved Husqvarna Construction Products servicing dealer. If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you 24 –...
  • Page 26 ´®z+UC[¶5h¨ ´®z+UC[¶5h¨...
  • Page 28 WARNING! Cutting, especially when DRY cutting, generates dust that comes from the material being cut, which frequently contains silica. Silica is a basic component of sand, quartz, brick clay, granite and numerous other minerals and rocks. Exposure to excessive amount of such dust can cause: Respiratory disease (affecting your ability to breath), including chronic bronchitis,...

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