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Husqvarna K7000 Workshop Manual page 13

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575 96 20-01
Blade shaft bearing housing
The bearing housing carries dual ball bearings for the blade's drive
Blade shaft, bearings
The blade shaft has a fixed machined spacer which the bearings'
inner rings must be in contact with after assembly in the bearing
housing. The bearing's inner rings are press-fitted against the shaft
and the outer rings are press-fitted against the bearing housing.
It is very important not to expose the bearing to clamping forces
between the inner and outer rings during assembly. With the help
of special tools and assembly methods described here, the bearings
are fitted without any risk of the forces damaging the ball bearings.
506 37 61-02
Turn the dismantling support A with shoulder up and put the
bearing housing on the device.
Put the triangle in the tool kit 506 37 61-02 or assembly support
B in kit 575 96 20-01 on top of the bearing.
Press or knock out the bearing unit as far as possible. Then
extend with a suitable tool socket to push out the complete bearing
unit fully from the housing.
Remove the bearings from the axle
Remove the bearings using a universal puller.
Bearing replacement
To replace the blade shaft bearings you need tool kit
575 96 20-01 if the bearing replacement is made by
hydraulic press. The tools are used for both dismantling
and assembly.
If the hydraulic press is missing, the bearings can be
replaced in the manner described below, in which case tool
kit 506 37 61-02 is required.

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