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Husqvarna K7000 Workshop Manual page 14

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Fitting with press
Support the bearing housing under the area for the bearing
with, for example, a piece of wood so that the bearing housing is
Put the bearing in place and position the pressing device C on
top of the bearing. Push down the bearing fully to the stop in the
bearing housing.
If the bearing is knocked into place, there is a great risk that the
bearing will enter at an angle into the bearing housing causing
damage. Use screw press 506 37 61-02 instead
Fitting with screw press
The bearing press 506 37 61-02 is the best assembly tool for fitting
the first bearing if the hydraulic press is not available.
Fit the tool as per the illustrations. Note that the support
washer, shown in the bottom illustration, have different guides.
The larger diameter provides firm support to the bearing housing.
Screw in the bearing fully to the stop in the bearing housing.
Fit bearing on the axle
Place the bearing on the axle and place the axle in pressing
device C. This bearing provides support to the inner ring, which is
important here.
Use a plastic hammer to push or knock the axle down until the
spacer meets the bearing's inner ring.
Fit axle with bearing
Use the assembly support B to make the bearing housing
horizontal. Place the support on the first fitted bearing.
Turn the axle correctly!
Put the axle with the fitted bearing in place in the bearing housing
with the spacer downwards.
Put pressing device C above the axle. The device provides support
to both bearing rings during assembly.
Press or knock down the bearing to gether with the axle. When
the spacer on the axle reaches the first fitted bearing, you can
clearly feel the stop and the units are in their proper position in
the bearing housing.

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