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Adaptor Setting - Fujitsu BACnet UTY-ABGX Instruction Manual

For vrf system


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"Adaptor Setting"

Sets the Device Name and confirms the Device State of the Transmission adaptor (U10 USB Network Inter-
face) that connects the "BACnet
When you want to reset "Adaptor Setting", open the "Adaptor Setting" screen.
Select the menu items in order of "Setting"→"Adaptor setting" from the Menu bar.
The Adaptor Name can be set for easy identification by the user. Click the Adaptor Name you want to
set and enter the text. (Default name: "AdaptorX")
Up to 20 characters (alphabet, numeric, and symbol) can be set. The Adaptor Name cannot be dupli-
cated. Only the connected adaptor can be set.
Usable device setting and confirmation are possible.
A usable devices list (LONx) or "Not Used" can be pulled down and selected.
Displays the device status.
When the "Wink" button is clicked, the SVC lamp of the speci-
fied device lights (for approx. 2 second) and you can confirm
which Transmission line the adaptor is connected to. (Only
when the Device Status is Ready)
Saves the settings and ends setting work.
"Cancel": Ends setting work without saving the settings.
Adaptor Name is a name which can be arbitrarily set so that the user can easily identify connection of the
Transmission adaptor (U10 USB Network Interface). (Default name: "AdaptorX")
"Device Name" is a name automatically allocated to the network when a "Transmission adaptor" (U10
USB Network Interface) is connected. (User may select the LONx number)
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The specified adaptor can be used.
The specified adaptor is being used by another system.
The specified adaptor cannot be used.
Not displayed when an adaptor is not connected.
SVC Lamp


Table of Contents

Table of Contents