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Electricity Charge Apportionment (Eca) Setting; Basic Setting Flow - Fujitsu BACnet UTY-ABGX Instruction Manual

For vrf system


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Electricity Charge Apportionment (ECA) Setting

Performs basic settings related to electricity charge apportionment necessary before operation. You may
also update the settings due to facility and tenant changes.
At initial starting after installation, perform setting in accordance with the following flow. For settings and
changes after operation starts, perform the necessary settings in accordance with the contents of par. 7-2
and subsequent paragraphs.

Basic Setting Flow

Perform initial setting in accordance with this flow.
Understand electricity charge apportionment and confirming caution items.
"Model name setting"
Set all the places where Model Name of the main screen is displayed in red.
• Use ReadProperty Service or ReadPropertyMultiple Service from B-OWS to read the value of
Present_Value property of the MI 0200000(ECA Status) object and confirm that it is "2".
• Use WriteProperty Service to write the command value at the Present _Value property of the
MO 0100000 object from B-OWS.
1:When ending electricity charge apportionment data collection
2:When starting electricity charge apportionment data collecting by calculation including in-
door units
(:When stating electricity charge apportionment data collection by calculation not including
indoor units
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents