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Fujitsu BACnet UTY-ABGX Instruction Manual page 40

For vrf system


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If the following message is displayed after scanning is completed, the necessary information cannot be
"Information was not acquired for some units. Perform unit registration again."
In this case, always perform scan again to acquire all the necessary information.
If advanced to next as is, normal operation will become impossible.
Especially, if there is a unit for which information could not be acquired when electricity charge apportion-
ment is performed, the refrigerant system including that unit will not be handled by the electricity charge
apportionment function.
When these information missing units are included in "Unit Newly Detected", since they are displayed in
red characters, treat them as the index of refrigerant system specification when rescanning.
As a result of performing scan, a unit of the same address may be displayed in the "Unit Newly Detect-
ed" list and "Unit not detected" list.
This occurs when a registered unit was changed to a different model and set to the same address as
the previous unit, etc.
Since the registration information of the previous unit is erased when registration is completed, con-
tinue at that setting.
When intentionally removing a unit from registration, etc, because the unit is removed from the electric
power charge apportionment objective or other reason, confirm it here. (Perform scanning after turning
off the power of the unit removed from registration.)
"OK" button:
Saves the detected unit configuration detected by scanning.
"Cancel" button: Ends scanning without saving the scanned result.
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"Unit newly detected" list:
After the end of scanning, displays the units
newly detected.
At initial scanning, all the units are displayed.
After the 2nd scanning, only the units newly
detected are displayed.
Model names for S/V series will not be dis-
"Unit not detected" list:
When scanning was performed for the 2nd
and subsequent times, displays the units
which are already registered but were not
detected this time.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents