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Fujitsu BACnet UTY-ABGX Instruction Manual page 46

For vrf system


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Processing of errors by BACnet
Electricity charge apportionment error with the unit address are displayed for the non-communi-
cating unit.
The generation time and recovery time are recorded in the error history as with the other errors.
In the electricity charge apportionment calculation, non-communicating unit is handled the
same as an indoor unit whose operation is stopped by a remote controller.
Recovery conditions
When the data necessary for electricity charge apportionment can be acquired from the relevant
unit, the electricity charge apportionment error is reset.
Main error generation causes
Electricity charge apportionment errors are mainly generated when the power breaker of a unit
is switched off.
(Because apportionment data is not sent when the power breaker is switched off.)
When the power breaker of only part of the units in a refrigerant system is switched off, outdoor
unit trouble may occur.
Therefore, if there is a unit whose power breaker is switched off, quickly recover the power by
switching on the breaker.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents