Installation; Electrical Connection - Electrolux IG123N Instruction Booklet

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Take utmost care when handling your
appliance so as not to cause any damages to the
cooling unit with consequent possible fluid leakages.
• During normal operation, the condenser and
compressor at the back of the appliance heat up
siderably. Always ensure that there is ade-
quate ventilation as a failure to do this will result
in component failure and possible food loss. See
installation instructions.
• Important: if the supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by a special cord or assembly available
from the manifacturer or its service agent.
• Unpack the cabinet and check that it is in good
condition and free of any transport damage.
• Place the refrigerator away from direct sunlight and
heat sources.
• Avoid prolonged exposure of the appliance to direct
• For safety reasons, minimum ventilation must be as
shown in Fig.
Attention: keep ventilation openings clear of ob-
It is necessary that the niche is provided with a con-
duct of ventilation having the following dimensions:
Depth 50 mm
Width 540 mm
The climate classification can be found on the rating plate,
which is located inside the cabinet on the left hand
The following table shows which ambient temper-
ature is correct for each climate classification:
Climate classificati
When the ambient temperature is not included wit-
hin the range indicated for the class of this appli-
ance, the storage temperature in the appliance
cannot be guaranteed; therefore it is advisable to
use the food stored as soon as possible.

Electrical connection

Before plugging in, ensure that the voltage and fre-
quency shown on the serial number plate correspond
to your domestic power supply.
Voltage can vary by ±6% of the rated voltage.
For operation with different voltages, a suitably sized auto-
transformer must be used.
The appliance must be earthed.
The power supply cable plug is provided with a contact for
this purpose.
If the domestic power supply socket is not earthed.
connect the appliance to a separate earth in compli-
ance with current regulations, consulting a specialist tech-
The Manufacturer declines all responsibility if the
above safety precautions are not observed.
for an ambient temperature
+ 10 to +32°C
+ 16 to +32°C
+ 18 to +38°C
+ 18 to +43°C


Table of Contents

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