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Electrolux PWE9038-M Service Manual page 32


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Opposite we find a photo from the first
assembly steps, where we could see the
adapter support, that supports also an electric
water valve. To change this valve, remove two
screws on the top side of the support.
It's possible to change the pressure switch. Be
sure the CO2 bottle valve is closed. Remove the
electrical connectors pulling carefully but
gently. There aren't screws that fix the pressure
switch, but a support. To remove it just pull the
pressure switch.
This is the motor that turns the auger to dispense the
ice cubes. It can be changed removing two screws
that fix it to the water tank. Afterwards pull gently to
separate the motor from the auger support.
Disconnect signal cables from the main board
The same for the motor that turns the ice tray.
Remove the screws and the connector on main
board. The micro switches could be also changed
removing the screws that fix them to the water
tank and unplugging the connectors.
1.1.0 5.2007
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