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Electrolux PWE9038-M Service Manual


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Corso Lino Zanussi, 30
Tel +39 0434 394850
Fax +39 0434 394096
Date: 05,2007
Rev.: 1.1.0
1.1.0 5.2007
Publication No.
599 38 97-33
Refreshment Center
for built-in installation
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Electrolux PWE9038-M

  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL REFRESHMENT CENTER ©ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS Corso Lino Zanussi, 30 Refreshment Center Publication No. I-33080 PORCIA /PN (ITALY) for built-in installation 599 38 97-33 Tel +39 0434 394850 Fax +39 0434 394096 Date: 05,2007 Rev.: 1.1.0 1.1.0 5.2007 1/40...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents SAFETY PURPOSE OF THIS MANUAL DIMENSIONS APPLIANCE DESCRIPTION HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT COOLING UNIT SCHEMA MAIN COMPONENTS MAIN FEATURES STRUCTURE 1. Accessibility (general) 2. Access to components compartment 3. Access to the water tank compartment 4. Access to command panel and light bar 5.
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety Before accessing the internal components of the appliance and effecting repairs or maintenance, ensure that the plug is disconnected from the power socket and that parts subject to heating are allowed to cool down. If electrical measurements should be necessary, it is preferable to measure the resistance; if possible, avoid measuring voltages or currents.
  • Page 4: Dimensions

    Dimensions 1.1.0 5.2007 4/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 5: Appliance Description

    The appliance has 2 nozzles from which the following products can be dispensed: - Filtered ambient water - Filtered cold water - Filtered sparkling water - Ice-Cubes. Models BRAND MODEL TARGET PWE9038-M 942 490 062 EUROPE PWE9038-M 942 490 084 UK - Ireland PWE9038-M 942 490 105 Scandinavia...
  • Page 6 Description St. Steel front display Filter head Water dispense nozzle Glass touch command panel Ice dispense outlet Drip tray bottle O pressure regulator with gauge Filter cartridge Power supply socket Main on/off switch O inlet O drainage 1.1.0 5.2007 6/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 7 Technical Characteristics Power Supply 230-240 V Frequency 50 Hz Power consumption 190 W Cold water dispense capacity 2lt @ 1 l/min. Carbonated water dispense capacity 2lt @ 1 l/min Dispense temperature < 13°C Water mains pressure (water inlet) > 2.0 bar CO 2 pressure 2.5-4 bar Filtration...
  • Page 8: Hydraulic Circuit

    Hydraulic circuit Water inlet Cooling coil Water drainage No return valve Ice cube tray Pressure reducer Cold water Valve Carbonated/Sparkling water CO2 Cylinder Ambient water Turbine Water dispense nozzle Electric valve Pump Cartridge filter Carbonizing device 1.1.0 5.2007 8/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 9: Electrical Circuit

    Electric circuit The light bar and its adapter are not present in models PWE9038-M and WID636XE. Ambient water electric valve Compressor Carbonated water electric valve Ice sensor probe Cold water electric valve Dryer filter sensor probe Water main electric valve...
  • Page 10: Cooling Unit Schema

    Cooling unit schema The cooling unit schema is the same in all models of Refreshment Center. Compressor Condenser Dryer filter Evaporator Boiler Solenoid valve Capillary tube 1,36x0,30m Capillary tube 0,55x1,40m 1.1.0 5.2007 10/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 11: Main Components

    Main components Compressor Works in refrigerant circuit pushing the gas through the capillary. In Function: this appliance, the compressor works also in reverse cycle. Ref.: GD30MB-D Power: 1/12 Hp Technical data: 220V-50Hz Gas type: R134a Resistance: AC 25Ω, CP 25Ω, AP 50Ω Pump In hydraulic circuit, it pushes the water through the heat exchanger Function:...
  • Page 12 Hot gas valve The main board tells it to open, to allow the gas to go into the thickest capillary tube and then in evaporator. When the gas passes through this Function: capillary tube, it heats up and arrives very hot in the evaporator. In this way, the ice cubes come off.
  • Page 13 Resistance: 3,9KΩ x 3 Electric valve + turbine This is the valve at the beginning of the hydraulic circuit. It’s Function: plugged to the water inlet. It also send pulses to the main board when water passes by. Ref.: ELTEK 10155170 220V-50Hz Electric connectors: FASTOM Water IN: ¾”...
  • Page 14 Manual thermostat Function: Ref.: Ranco K50P1115.012 220V-50Hz. Technical data: Manual temperature setting knob. Electric connectors: FASTOM Ice tray electric motor Turns the ice tray from the charge to the discharge position and Function: the other way round. Ref.: RAP100 375 rpm – 5W Technical data: Ratio: 100 Electric connectors: none...
  • Page 15 Auger electric motor Turns the auger that pushes the ice from it’s compartment to the Function: ice nozzle Ref.: RAP25/2 375 rpm – 5W Technical data: Ratio: 25/2 Electric connectors: none Resistance: 11,7KΩ x 2 Microswitch It gives a signal to the main board when the ice tray arrives to Function: the charge and to the discharge position.
  • Page 16 LED board Illuminates the glass placed between the two nozzles in frontal Function: panel. It’s plugged to the main board, that gives it power when someone touch the button on the glass panel. Ref.: 70507524 DC 12V Technical data: 3xLED Electric connectors: Resistance: none Lightbar...
  • Page 17 Motorfan Function: It moves the fan that refrigerate the condenser in the cooling unit Electric connectors: FASTOM Technical data: Resistance: 0,85KΩ Pressure switch Feels the pressure of a gas and it gives a signal to the main board Function: when arrived to the programmed value. T 1.5 NA-20/06 Technical data: Electric connectors: FASTOM...
  • Page 18 Discharge pump When it receives the signal from the main board, it pushes the Function: water to the discharge. Ref.: MJ 750 220-240V 50Hz – 7,5W Technical data: 670l/h Hmax 1,65m Power connectors: none Resistance: CO2 cylinder + pressure reducer This appliance can use two types of CO2 cylinder: CO2 cylinder (E290, 600g) no rechargeable (right).
  • Page 19 1.1.0 5.2007 19/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 20: Main Features

    Main features Normal mode Once the appliance is on, dispensing of water and ice is always available. Just touch the buttons in frontal glass panel to obtain the water or ice cubes. Empty CO bottle led On/Off switch Water ambient temperature button Carbonated water button Cold water button Ice dispense button...
  • Page 21 Sanification mode When the exhaust filter led turns on, it is time to replace the filter cartridge: Turn unit off through main on/off switch (Fig. 14). Pull unit from cabinet (Fig. 6) and look for valve near the cylinder. Close valve (Fig. 18). Position under the water dispense nozzle a container and Fig.
  • Page 22 Flowchart 1.1.0 5.2007 22/40 Refreshment Center...
  • Page 23 Alarms Led indications Message Led blinks slowly Filter is about to exhaust. 2900 liters have been dispensed. Please change filter as described in the following chapters. Led is lit Filter is about to exhaust. 2980 liters have been dispensed. Please change filter as described in the following chapters.
  • Page 24 All leds on simultaneously All dispense buttons disabled. 2 main causes: Water present on base of unit. Possible leak. Water level too high inside water tank. Water discharge blocked. For the first case switch off and dry the base of the unit. For the second case turn unit on/off through main switch inside cabinet.
  • Page 25: Structure

    Structure Accessibility BEFORE OPENING THE APPLIANCE, ALWAYS DISCONNECT IT FROM THE POWER SUPPLY. ALSO SWITCH OFF THE MAIN WATER VALVE AT HOME TO AVOID FLOODING. To access the internal parts of the appliance, proceed as described on instructions manual: − Take the drip tray lifting the front side first.
  • Page 26: Access To Components Compartment

    Accessibility to components compartment To access to the component compartment, placed on the rear side of the machine, we need to remove the rear sheet metal panel. Remove 6 screws to take off the rear panel. Three from one side, three from the other side.
  • Page 27 Removal of the rear panel gives access to components: compressor, gas and water valves, motors, main board, pump, etc… 1. Filter and filter head 2. Water pressure reducer 3. CO2 cylinder 4. On/Off water valve 5. Compressor 6. Condenser 7. Water and gas valves 8.
  • Page 28 To remove the main board please do the following steps: Remove the cable that connects the main board case control panel. Afterwards unplug also the connectors from the bottom side. Remove the screw that fixes the main board case to its support At this point, it’s possible to remove also the main board support that is attached to the water tank by two screws.
  • Page 29 To remove water inlet valve, do the following: BE SURE THE WATER MAIN VALVE IS CLOSED, IN ORDER TO AVOID FLOODING Unplug the inlet water tube from the connector. Unplug also the signal and power cables from the water inlet valve pulling gently the connectors.
  • Page 30 To remove the drainage kit, do the following (be sure that the water tank is empty): Remove the drainage tube by turning the connector bolt anticlockwise. Remove the black external plastic bolt in order to unplug the plastic drainage connector from the support. Next step is to disconnect the drainage tube from the water tank.
  • Page 31 The thermostat needs no calibration. In case there's a need to change the thermostat, just unplug the two probe connectors and remove the two screws on the top side of the thermostat support. To change or remove the pump, just remove the 4 screws that tighten the pump to the rear side of the water tank.
  • Page 32 Opposite we find a photo from the first assembly steps, where we could see the adapter support, that supports also an electric water valve. To change this valve, remove two screws on the top side of the support. It's possible to change the pressure switch. Be sure the CO2 bottle valve is closed.
  • Page 33 To replace the water dispense valve, do as follows: Remove all cables pulling firmly the connectors. Then, pull the plastic water tubes from the valve making attention to not flood the appliance (there could be some water inside the water tubes). Pull the valve out from its support.
  • Page 34: Access To The Water Tank Compartment

    Accessibility to water tank compartment To access to the water tank, just remove all six screws from the top of the water tank. We can see the inside the water tank the ice bin evaporator and the water evaporator. There’s also the pump, the ice tray and the auger that pushes the ice into the ice nozzle.
  • Page 35 Remove also the screw on the side panel of the plastic cover. At this point it’s possible to take off the plastic cover. The carbonator could be removed just pulling it upwards. First unplug all signal cables. Opposite, we can see the water level probes (1), the auger and auger support(2), and the thermostat probe(3).
  • Page 36: Access To Command Panel And Light Bar

    Accessibility to command panel and light bar To remove the command panel, first unplug the main board cable. Then, we must free the command panel from its supports. To do it, just remove the screws (2 + 2) from the command panel supports.
  • Page 37: Removing The Water Dispense Nozzle

    Removing the water dispensing nozzle To remove the water dispensing nozzle First disconnect plastic tube from the speed fitting pulling the tube while pulling the small red flap. With the apposite tool, remove the speed fitting from stainless steel tube. Remove the four bolts from the water nozzle.
  • Page 38: Access To The Cooling Unit

    Access to the cooling unit To remove the cooling unit from this appliance, be sure you have opened the top of the water tank. Then, please do as follows: First, free the ice evaporator from the side supports; remove the two screws. Second, cut or remove the wrappers that hold the stainless steel tubes together To free the compressor and condenser...
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following is a troubleshooting section for malfunctions that are not in the alarms list section: SYMPTOM PROBABLE CAUSE RESOLUTION Water is not dispensed No power supply Check electric power supply Water mains inlet solenoid Call technical assistance valve failure The unit has been on for over Probable refrigerant gas Call technical assistance...
  • Page 40 1.1.0 5.2007 40/40 Refreshment Center...

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