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Daily Use; Start A Program Without Delay Start; Starting The Program With Delay Start; Change A Program - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual


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6.1 Start a program without
delay start
1. Prepare the laundry and load the
appliance. For best result we
recommend to sort out your
laundry according to fabric type
and spin dry at highest speed
available in your washing machine.
2. Turn the Program Selector knob to
choose drying program.
3. Set the correct program and
options for the type of load. The
display shows the program
4. Press the Start/Pause touchpad.
The program starts.
Load your dryer loosely until it
is no more than TWO THIRDS
FULL. Clothes must tumble
freely in a dryer. Don't crem
them in. Wet clothed fluff up
when dry.
Overloading will:
- reduce efficiency
- Increase drying time
- Increase the risk of creasing.
Do not load clothes or other
articles which are dripping
wet or have sand and grit on
them into your dryer.
Do not select the "Extra Dry"
option for delicates fabric
such polyester as shrinking
may occur.
To obtain the best drying
results with small loads it is
recommended to use "Time
drying" program.
Never stop a tumble dryer
before the end of the drying
cycle unless all items are
quickly removed and spread
out so that the heat is
6.2 Starting the program with
delay start
1. Set the correct program and
options for the type of load.
2. Press the Delay Start touchpad
again and again until the display
shows the delay time you want to
3. Press the Start/Pause touchpad.
The display shows the countdown
of the delay start.
When the countdown is completed,
the program starts.
Additional drying
Should the laundry still be too
wet at the end of the program,
set another short drying cycle.
To prevent the formation
of creases or shrinking of
fabrics, avoid excessive

6.3 Change a program

Changing a running program is possible
only by resetting it.
1. Turn the program selector knob to
the position "Off" to cancel the
program and to turn off the
2. Turn the program selector knob to
the new program position and set
the new option, then press "Start/
Pause". touchpad again.

6.4 Interruption of a program

1. To pause, press Start/Pause
touchpad. The LED indicator will
start flashing.
2. Press the Start/Pause touchpad
again. The program will continue.


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