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Drying Hints; Preparing The Laundry - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual

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Your load, when dry must not
exceed the rated capacity of your

7.1 Preparing the laundry

• Never tumble dry the following:
Delicate items such as net curtains,
woollen, silk, fabric with metal trim,
nylon tights, bulky materials such as
anoraks, blankets, eiderdown,
sleeping bags, feather quilts and any
item containing rubber foam or
materials similar to foam rubber.
• Do not place in your dryer
undergarments such as bras and
corsets that contain metal
reinforcements. Your dryer may be
damaged if metal parts were to come
loose from the garment. Place such
items in a bag designed for this
• Check and empty pockets. Clips,
pens, nails and pins can damage both
the dryer and your clothes. Other
items such as matches or cigarette
lighters will cause a fire.
• Close all press studs, hooks, eyes
and zips that may catch on something
else. Tie all belts and apron strings to
prevent tangling.
• Drying time will depend on fabric type
and construction, load size and
wetness, Save time and money and
always spin the load as dry as
possible in your washing machine.
• Drying time will also be affected by
voltage fluctuations, room
temperature and humidity. Clothes will
dry more slowly on a cool or humid
• For best results, sort the load
according to fabric types. Such as
heavy items which may take longer to
dry, eg towels, flannelette sheets etc,
than ones which dry quickly, eg poly/
cotton shirts and sheets.
• Avoid drying dark clothes with light
coloured items such as towels as lint
will show on the dark clothes.
Note: Some fabrics will collect lint
from other clothes and items.
Separate the lint "givers" and the
lint "collectors" to minimise this
• Clothes that give int include towels,
nappies, chenille.
• Clothes that collect lint include
corduroy, synthetics and permanent
press garments.
• If individual items are still damp after
drying, please add appropriate Time
Drying program. This may be
necessary particularly for multilayered
items (e.g. jeans, items with collars or
pocket) or very small loads
• Always clean the lint filter-this will
reduce drying time and save you
• The laundry must be thoroughly spun
before tumble drying.
• Easy-care items eg shirts, should be
briefly pre-spun before drying
(depending on the crease resistance
approximately 30 seconds)
• To avoid static charge when drying is
completed, use either a fabric
softener when you are washing the
laundry or a fabric conditioner
specifically for tumble dryers.
• Remove the laundry when the dryer
has finished drying.
• Do not over-dry laundry, this avoids
creasing and saves energy.
• Clothes or towels containing sand or
grit should be washed first.
• Due to variations in dryer load fabric
texture and thickness it is possible
that not all items will be dried evenly.
It you experience uneven dryness on
Cupboard program please use either
Extra Dry or Timer Program but be
mindful of the type of fabric being
dried to avoid overdrying certain types
of fabric. Always follow drying
instructions attached to the items
intended to be dried in a clothes dryer.


Table of Contents

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