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Display - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual

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3.1 Display

Symbol on the display
Symbol description
Digital Number; will show:
Drying cycle time.
Delay start time.
The alarm codes. Refer to the chapter
"Troubleshooting" for their description.
Delay start option on.
Indicator: clean filter
The Clean Filter indicator turns on and blinks at
the end of each dry cycle to serve as a reminder
to user to clean lint filter at the end of each load.
Indicator: drying phase
Indicator: cooling phase
After the drying process finish, Cooling process
will operate and switch off heater. The Cooling
indicator blink until finish cooling process. This
process will release heat from the clothes and
crease protection.
Indicator: anticrease phase
The anticrease cycle is designed to help prevent
creases forming in the clothes after program
drying cycle has ended.
The anticrease progress indicator will start
blinking with clean filter during the time anti
crease phase is running. The drum will rotate for
5 seconds every minute and will go for 1 hour.
Anticrease phase CANNOT BE DISABLED.
Anticrease can be stopped at any time by
opening the door and removing the clothes
or press Start/Pause button.
Extra anticrease on.


Table of Contents

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