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At The End Of The Program; Stand-By Function - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual


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6.5 At the end of the program

Changing a running program is possible
only by resetting it.
The appliance stops automatically.
The acoustic signal will operate.
The display shows " End "
The indicator "
The indicators "
come on.
The Start/Pause indicator is on.
The appliance continues to operate with
the anticrease phase for approximately
1 hour or more if Extra Anticrease option
was set (see chapter Option - Extra
Anticrease ).
The anti-crease phase reduces
creasing. You can remove the laun-
dry before the anti-crease phase
is completed. We recommend, for
better results, that you remove the
laundry when the phase is almost
Always clean the filter when a
program is completed.
" is on.
" filter may

6.6 Stand-by function

To reduce energy consumption, this
function automatically deactivates the
After 5 minutes if you do not start
the program.
After 5 minutes from the end of
the program.


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