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Guide - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual


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To help you, here is a list of the average
weights of some common laundry items.
Kitchen towel
Table napkin
Towelling hand towel
Men's shirt
Men's pyjamas
Ladies nightdress
Bath towel

7.2 Guide

Always check your labels for the drying
symbol which this international Care
Labelling Code now uses.
Fabric label Description
• Permanent press and synhetics
- take out as soon as the dryer stops
to reduce wrinkles.
• Woollen articles - not recommended.
Pull them to their original shape, then
dry them flat.
• Woven and loop knit materials
- may shrink, by varying amount,
depending on their quality. Do not use
the "Extra Dry" setting for these
fabrics, Always stretch them out
immediately after drying.
700g - 1000g
400g - 500g
70g - 120g
50g - 100g
150g - 250g
1000g - 1500g
200g - 300g
100g - 200g
400g - 500g
200g 250g
300g - 400g
Laundry is suitable for
tumble drying.
Laundry is suitable for
tumble drying at higher
Laundry is suitable for
tumble drying at low
temperatures only.
Laundry is not suitable
for tumble drying.
• Fibre or leather materials - always
check the manufacturer's instructions.
• Baby clothes and night gowns
- acrylic clothing or sleepwear use
only on the "Iron Dry" setting.
• Rubber and plastics - Do not dry any
items made from or containing rubber
or plastics, such as aprons, bibs,
babies' water proof napkins, curtains,
tablecloths, shower caps, clothes
fitted with foam rubber pads, pillows,
galoshes, or rubber coated tennis
• Fibreglass - not recommended, glass
particles left in the dryer could be
picked up by your clothes the next
time you use the dryer and irritate
your skin.
• Fabric softeners or similar products
should not be used in a tumble dryer
to eliminate the effects of static
electricity unless this practise is
specifically recommended by the
manufacturer of the fabric softener or
We strongly advise against the use
of fabric conditioners of the sheet
type that are added to the clothes in
the drum. These products may lead
to rapid blockage of the lint filter and
inefficient operation of your dryer.


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