Fire Hazards - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual

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1.6 Fire Hazards

Some fabrics are not suitable for tumble
drying. The following MUST NOT be
placed in your dryer due to the risk of a
fire or an explosion:
• Items that have been spotted or
soaked with vegetable oil, cooking
oil, suntan oil, linseed oil, salad oil,
lubrication oil or grease. Oil affected
items can ignite spontaneously,
especially when exposed to heat
sources such as in a tumble dryer.
The items becomce warm, causing
as oxidation reaction in the oil.
Oxidation creates heat. If heat cannot
escape, the items can become hot
enough to ignite.
Pilling, stackingl or storing oil-
affected items can prevent heat from
escaping and create a fire hazard.If it
is unavoidable that fabrics that
contain vegetable or cooking oil, or
have been contaminated by hair care
products be placed in a tumble dryer,
they should first be washed is hot
water with extra detergent - this will
reduce, but not eliminate the hazard.
The final part of tumble dryer cycle
occurs without heat (Cooling cycle) to
ensure that the items are left at the
temperature that ensures that the
items will not be damage.
• Item that have previously been
cleaned in, washed in, or spotted with
petrol/gasoline, industrial chemicals
used only for cleaning, dry-cleaning
solvents or other flammable or
explosive substances are highly
Highly flammable or explosive
commonly found aroundthe house
include acetone, (nail polish remover)
denatured alcohol, petrol/gasoline,
kerosene,some spot removers,
turpentine, waxes and wax removers
should not be put in the dryer.Items
containing foam rubber (also known
as latex foam) or similarly textured
rubber-like materials.
Foam rubber materials can produce
fire by spontaneous combustion
when heated.
• Rubber-backed articles, clothes fitted
with foam rubber pads, pillows,
rubber boots and rubber-coated
sports shoes.
For your safety, and to reduce the risk
of fire or an explosion, DO NOT store
or use petrol or other inflammable
vapours and liquids near your dryer.


Table of Contents

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