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Installation; Unpacking; Positioning - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual


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11.1 Unpacking

1. Use gloves. Cut and remove four
cut out straps as shown.
2. Remove the carton box. Remove
the polystyrene packaging
materials. Remove the plastic bag
which cover the machine.
3. Open the door. Remove all the
items from the drum.
4. Put one of the polystyrene
packaging elements on the floor
behind the appliance. Carefully put
down the appliance with the rear
side on it.
5. Remove the polystyrene base.
6. Pull up the appliance in vertical

11.2 Positioning

You can choose to put your dryer :
• on the floor
• on a work bench upside down or
• on a wall.
The appliance must not be installed
behind a lockable door, a sliding door or
a door with a hinge on the opposite side
to that of the tumble dryer in such away
that a full opening of the restricted.
The exhaust grille has a range of
positions, which allows you to select
the optimum exhaust air angle. Simply
hold the grille and rotate it until it hits the
built-in stop. Do not install your dryer in
a cupboard or small un-vented laundry
unless you are using a venting kit.
There are 2 venting options
• Front
• Rear - using a included kit
Important: Use only kits approved by
Electrolux with your dryer.
The exhaust duct must not exceed 2


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