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Machine Leveling - Electrolux EDS854J3WB User Manual


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metres in length at 100mm diameter.
If connecting the dryer to a common
ducting system, safety advice should be
requested from the manufacturer.
If you choose to use included kit, the
exhaust grille at the front of the dryer
will need to be replaced with the outlet
cover from the back of the dryer. Gently
prise open the grille, using a thin bladed
tool. Next, remove the cover from the
back and clip it into the grille space at
the front.
The exhaust grille is not required when
using a vent kit.
You can position the vent kit at the back
of the dryer to remove air upwards or
air flow
Inlet and outlet points need clear airflow
to prevent overheating, so ensure
there is adequate ventilation. (i.e. open
window or external door.)
If a venting kit is used and the exhaust is
discharged out of the room, there must
be adequate ventilation to avoid the
back flow of gases in to the room from
appliances burning other fuels, including
open fires, when operating the tumble
dryer. This is not applicable where a
venting hose is directed to an open
The exhaust air must not be discharged
into a flue which is used for exhausting
fumes from appliances burning gas or
other fuels.

11.3 Machine Leveling

It is important that your Dryer stands
firm and leveled on the floor to ensure
correct operation. The appliance must
not be installed behind a lockable door,
a sliding door or a door with a hinge on
the opposite side to avoid restricting the
Dryer door.
Use a spirit level on the top and side of
the Dryer to check the levels.
If you do not have a spirit level, as a
guide use the edge of a door frame,
cupboard or bench to check that the
Dryer is leveled.
Never place cardboard, wood or similar
air flow
materials under the machine to com-
pensate for any unevenness in the floor.
Install the machine on a flat hard floor.
Make sure that air circulation around
the machine is not impeded by carpets,
rugs etc.
Check that the machine does not touch
the wall or cupboard units.


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