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2.4 Program running description

The machine is equipped with four programs adapted to the range of use to which the machine is intended.
The machine offers four standard drying programs. Detailed descriptions of these procedures are
given in Chapter 2.2. For coin operated machines, "Price per program", "Time for each program",
and "Time for additional coin(s) or press" settings can be assigned to each program individually.
High, Medium, and Low drying programs are divided into two segments: a Heating period and a Cool Down
period. Drying time and temperature settings for each program can be adjusted with the service menu
registers. Heating and Cool Down times can also be adjusted using the registers in the service menu. During
heating, the display shows "d xx" where "xx" are the remaining drying time minutes. During cool down the
display shows "c xx" where xx is the remaining cool down time. The program stops at "c 00."

3 Handling

3.1 Load

Load the goods into the machine according to recommendations and close the door.
Make sure the filter compartment is clean and clean if necessary.
The maximum load is 12 kg.

3.2 How to start the machine

3.2.1 Select program

Select program by pressing one of the four buttons which are shown by A.

3.2.2 Show program drying time on the display

There are two operation modes for the dryer to show program drying time on the display.
One is the free dry mode (OPL Mode), and the default mode of the dryer is OPL.The program operates
in "Time per push mode" (OPL mode).In this mode, each time a program button is pressed, the remaining time is
incremented. In any case the displayed remaining dryer time shall not be greater than the "Max drying time" for
that program.
The other one is coin meter operation mode, for this mode need insert correct amount of coins to start the machine .
After start it is possible to add time for the selected program. Insert more coins to add time.
The maximum accumulated time for one cycle is 90minutes. For example, If the program is selected for 90 minutes
at the beginning, inserting more coins can not add any time, if the program is selected for 60 minutes at the beginning,
the maximum increased time is 30 minutes, the total accumulated time is 90minutes.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents