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Introduction; Proper Use; Package Contents; Appliance Description - Silvercrest SHMSB 300 A2 Operating Instructions Manual

Hand mixer set


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Congratulations on the purchase of your new
You have selected a high-quality product.
The operating instructions are a constituent of this
product. They contain important information about
safety, use and disposal. Before using the product,
familiarise yourself with all operating and safety
instructions. Use this product only as described and
only for the specified areas of application. Please
also pass these operating instructions on to any
future owner(s).

Proper use

This appliance is only intended for kneading
dough, mixing liquids (e.g. fruit juice), whipping
cream and pureeing fruit. It is only suitable for
processing food-stuffs. Do not use the blender to
purée boiling food (e.g. soups). This appliance is
only intended for use in domestic households.
Not to be used for commercial purposes.

Package contents

1 Hand Mixer Set
2 kneading hooks
2 whisks
1 blender
1 measuring jug
Operating instructions
Check contents for completeness and damage
immediately after unpacking. Contact Customer
Services if necessary.
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Appliance description

Figure A:
Tool release button
Speed switch
Turbo button
Power cable with mains plug
Fixture with safety cover
Hand element
Slots for attachments
Figure B:
Kneading hooks
Measuring jug

Technical details

Rated voltage
220 - 240 V ~ , 50/60 Hz
Rated power
300 W
II /
Mixer: 10 mins.
CO time:
Blender: 1 min.
All of the parts of this appliance
that come into contact with
food are food-safe.
Measuring jug: 700 ml
Max. filling volume for food processing: 300 ml
CO time
The CO time (continuous operation time) is the
amount of time an appliance can be operated
without the motor overheating and becoming
damaged. After the appliance has been operated
for this duration of time, switch it off until the motor
has cooled down.
SHMSB 300 A2


Table of Contents

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