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Service; Importer - Silvercrest SHMSB 300 A2 Operating Instructions Manual

Hand mixer set


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Warranty period and statutory claims for
The warranty period is not prolonged by repairs
effected under the warranty. This also applies to
replaced and repaired components. Any damage
and defects present at the time of purchase must
be reported immediately after unpacking. Repairs
carried out after expiry of the warranty period shall
be subject to a fee.
Scope of the warranty
This appliance has been manufactured in accordance
with strict quality guidelines and inspected meticu-
lously prior to delivery.
The warranty covers material faults or production
faults. The warranty does not extend to product parts
subject to normal wear and tear or fragile parts such
as switches, batteries, baking moulds or parts made
of glass.
The warranty does not apply if the product has been
damaged, improperly used or improperly maintained.
The directions in the operating instructions for the
product regarding proper use of the product are
to be strictly followed. Uses and actions that are
discouraged in the operating instructions or which
are warned against must be avoided.
This product is intended solely for private use and
not for commercial purposes. The warranty shall be
deemed void in cases of misuse or improper handling,
use of force and modifications/repairs which have
not been carried out by one of our authorised
Service centres.
Warranty claim procedure
To ensure quick processing of your case, please
observe the following instructions:
Please have the till receipt and the item number
(e.g. IAN 12345) available as proof of purchase.
You will find the item number on the type plate,
an engraving on the front page of the instructions
(bottom left), or as a sticker on the rear or bot-
tom of the appliance.
SHMSB 300 A2
If functional or other defects occur, please
contact the service department listed either by
telephone or by e-mail.
You can return a defective product to us free of
charge to the service address that will be provided
to you. Ensure that you enclose the proof of pur-
chase (till receipt) and information about what
the defect is and when it occurred.
You can download these instructions
along with many other manuals,
product videos and software on


Service Great Britain
Tel.: 0871 5000 720 (£ 0.10/Min.)
Service Ireland
Tel.: 1890 930 034
(0,08 EUR/Min., (peak))
(0,06 EUR/Min., (off peak))
Service Cyprus
Tel.: 8009 4409
IAN 285433


Please note that the following address is not the
service address. Please use the service address
provided in the operating instructions.
DE - 44867 BOCHUM
GB │ IE │ NI │ CY


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