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Function Test - Husqvarna LC 551 iV Workshop Manual

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3.2 Function test

3.2.1 Control panel overview
1. ON/OFF button
2. Decrease speed button
3. Operation speed indicator
4. Battery indicator
5. Increase speed button
6. SavE
button, refer to
on page 7
3.2.2 To start the product
1. Lift the battery lid.
2. Put a charged battery in battery slot number 1 below
the battery lid. For longer operation time, put a
second charged battery in battery slot number 2.
3. Disconnect the safety key from the safety key
4. Push the safety key into the safety lock.
5. Stay behind the product.
6. Push the ON/OFF button on the control panel. The
display comes on.
1292 - 001 -
To use the SavE
7. Loosen the start inhibitor.
8. Push the motor brake handle in the direction of the
3.2.3 To use the drive on the wheels
Pull the drive bail in the direction of the handlebar to
start the drive.
Push + and - on the control panel to set the drive
speed in 4 steps, refer to
page 7 .
Release the drive bail to disengage the drive, for
example when you go near an obstacle.
3.2.4 To use the SavE
The product has a SavE
gives the longest operation time from the battery.
1. Push the SavE
overview on page 7 . The LED comes on to show
that the function is on.
2. Push the SavE
The SavE
function stops automatically if the ground
conditions make it necessary to have a higher output.
The SavE
function starts automatically when the
ground conditions let it.
Prepare and do servicing on the product - 7
Control panel overview on
function. The SavE
Control panel
button, refer to
button again to stop the SavE



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