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Function Test - Husqvarna LB248S Workshop Manual

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2. Move the cutting height lever forward to decrease
the cutting height.
CAUTION: Do not set the cutting height too low.
The blades can hit the ground if the surface of
the lawn is not level.

3.2 Function test

3.2.1 To start the product
Make sure that the ignition cable is connected to the
spark plug. Manual start (LB248S , LB253S)
1. Stay behind the product.
2. Hold the engine brake handle against the handlebar.
3. Hold the starter rope handle with your right hand.
4. Slowly pull out the starter rope until you feel some
5. Pull with force to start the engine.
WARNING: Do not twist the starter rope around
your hand. Electrical start (LB348SI)
1. Make sure that the battery is activated and charged.
To charge the battery on page 13 .
8 - Prepare and do servicing on the product
2. Attach the battery to the engine.
3. Push the start inhibitor out to the right (A).
4. Pull the start bar (B) against the handlebar to start
the starter motor. The starter motor stops when the
engine starts.
3.2.2 To use the drive on the wheels
Pull the drive bail in the direction of the handlebar.
Before you pull the product rearward, disengage the
drive and push the product forward approximately
10 cm.
Release the drive bail to disengage the drive, for
example when you go near an obstacle.
3.2.3 To stop the product
To stop the drive only, release the drive bail.
To stop the engine, release the engine brake
handle. To remove the battery
To prevent accidental start of the engine, remove the
battery on model LB348SI when the product is not in
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