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Blade; Wheels - Husqvarna LC 551 iV Workshop Manual

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6.5 Blade

6.5.1 To remove and replace the blade
1. Lock the blade with a block of wood.
2. Remove the blade bolt.
3. Remove the blade.
4. Examine the blade support and blade bolt to see if
there are damages.
5. Examine the motor shaft to make sure that it is not
6. When you attach the new blade, point the angled
ends of the blade in the direction of the cutting
7. Make sure that the blade is aligned with the center
of the motor shaft.
8. Lock the blade with a block of wood. Attach the
spring washer and tighten the bolt and washer with a
20 - Repair instructions
9. Pull the blade around by hand and make sure that it
turns freely.
WARNING: Use heavy duty gloves. The
blade is very sharp and cuts can easily
10. Start the product to do a test of the blade. If the
blade is not correctly attached, there is vibration in
the product or the cutting result is unsatisfactory.

6.6 Wheels

6.6.1 To remove and attach the rear wheels
1. Put the product on its side. Make sure that it is
2. Remove the nut cap, the nut, and the wheel on the 2
sides of the product.
3. If it is necessary, remove the 2 ball bearings from
the wheel and the gear.
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