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Assembly And Function Test; To Assemble The Handle; To Adjust The Handle Height - Husqvarna LC 141VLi Workshop Manual

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2.2 Assembly and function test

2.2.1 To assemble the handle

1. Put the tubular construction of the handlebar
opposite the lower part of the handlebar.
2. Put the bolts into the lower pipe in the handle.
3. Align one of the holes for the bolts with the holes in
the handle.
4. Attach the bolts and the knobs. Tighten the knobs
5. Attach the cables to the handle with the enclosed
cable holders.
CAUTION: Do not overstretch the cables
when you assemble the handle. If the
tension in a cable is too high, the cable can
get damaged if the handle is folded to
transport position.
6. Put the cables around the hook at the bottom of the

2.2.2 To adjust the handle height

7. Loosen the lower knobs.
8. Remove the knob, washer and screw.
9. The handle can be set to 2 different heights. Put the
fixing screw in one of the 2 holes to adjust the handle
to correct height.
10. Attach the screw, the washer and the knob.
11. Move the knobs up in the direction of the handle until
they stop and a click is heard. Tighten the knobs
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