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Safety Instructions; General Instructions; Special Instructions - Husqvarna PT26D Workshop Manual

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Safety Instructions

General Instructions

This workshop manual is written for personnel with general knowledge about the repair and service of riders.
The workshop where the rider is to be repaired must be equipped with safety equipment in accordance with
local bylaws.
No one may repair the rider unless they have read and understood the content of this workshop manual.
The machine is tested and approved only with the equipment originally provided or recommended by the
This workshop manual contains the following boxes in relevant places.
The warning box warns of the risk
of personal injury if the instructions
are not followed.
This box warns of material damage if the
instructions are not followed.

Special Instructions

The fuel used in the rider has the following hazardous properties:
The fluid and its vapour are poisonous.
Can cause eye and skin irritation.
Can cause breathing problems.
Is environmentally hazardous. One litre of diesel fuel can destroy up to 1 million litres of drinking water.
Diesel is less flammable than petrol at normal temperatures, but becomes very combustible if heated to the
flash point. This varies depending on the type of diesel but is normally higher than +50ºC (120ºF).
When using compressed air, do not direct the jet towards the body. Air can penetrate into the blood circula-
tion system, which entails mortal danger.
Use eye protection when working with tensioned springs.
Use hearing protection when test running.
Remember diesel exhaust fumes are carcinogenic.
After test running, do not touch the muffler until it has cooled. Risk of burns. Use protective gloves when
working with the muffler.
The blades are sharp and can cause cuts and gashes. Use protective gloves when handling the blades.




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