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Au, Nz - Miele HBFP 27-1 Manual

Round perforated baking tray


en-AU, NZ - Round perforated baking tray
Round perforated baking tray
The round perforated baking tray can
be used in Miele ovens and steam
combination ovens. Do not use the
baking tray with the microwave function
or in microwave combination
Do not use the round perforated
baking tray for
– wet mixtures, e.g. creamed
– dough which becomes more moist
during the baking process, e.g.
drop cookies.
– items with a high fat content, e.g.
croissants or fish fingers.
– cakes or biscuits with a very moist
or granular topping, such as sugar.
– meat or fish.
This will avoid unnecessary soiling of
the oven floor.
Freshly made baked goods
The round perforated baking tray is
particularly suitable for baking fresh
yeast and quark dough items.
Extremely good results are achieved
when baking white bread, yeast rolls
and tray cakes as they will be
– light and soft on the inside,
– evenly browned and
– have a good, even surface or crust.
Deep frozen / Ready-made products
The round perforated baking tray can
be used to cook frozen and also fresh,
ready-made products.
It will give items such as frozen pizza,
chips and part-baked rolls a really crisp
More ideas for using your round
perforated baking tray can be found in
the recipe book supplied with your oven
or steam combination oven. These can
also be used as a starting point for your
own recipes.