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Au, Nz - En - Miele GOURMET HBBL 71 Manual

Perforated baking tray


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Gourmet perforated baking
The Gourmet perforated baking tray
can be used in 55 cm and 60 cm wide
Miele ovens from the following series:
– H 23xx / H 24xx / H 26xx,
– H 47xx / H 48xx,
– H 5xxx,
– H 6xxx.
It can also be used in the following ste-
am combi ovens:
– DGC 508x / 509x XL,
– DGC 65xx / 66xx / 67xx / 68xx XL.
The Gourmet perforated baking tray is
not suitable for use in compact micro-
wave ovens and in appliances with a
width greater than 60 cm.
Possibilities for use
Do not use the Gourmet perforated
baking tray if you are:
– mixing a runny dough, e.g.
creamed mixture.
– mixing a dough that will become
runny during baking, e.g. drop
– preparing very greasy baked
goods, e.g. croissants or fish
– brushing baked goods with
liquids or sprinkling with
granulous ingredients, e.g.
– preparing meat or fish.
In this way you will avoid unneces-
sary soiling of the oven floor.
Freshly prepared baked goods
The Gourmet perforated baking tray is
especially suited to the preparation of
baked goods made from yeast and
quark mixtures.
When baking white bread, bread rolls
and sheet cakes, you can achieve
perfect baking results that are charac-
terised by:
– fluffy crumbs,
– even browning and
– an even surface.
Deep frozen / Ready-made products
The Gourmet perforated baking tray
can be used for cooking deep frozen
food and fresh ready-made products.
Chips and part-baked bread rolls come
out particularly crispy.
Drying food
The Gourmet perforated baking tray is
well-suited to drying fruit or vegetables.
The preparation of apple rings, plums
and tomatoes is achieved with ease as
the pieces do not move and dry quick-
You can get ideas for using your Gour-
met perforated baking tray from the re-
cipe book that is supplied with your
oven. You can also use these recipes
as a guide for your own recipes.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents