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Delay Start - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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With Delay start you can choose when
you want the programme to start. You
can delay the start of the programme by
30 minutes up to a maximum of 24
hours, allowing you to make use of
night-time economy electricity rates, for
Selecting the Delay start function
Delay start is not possible in the Drain/
Spin and Proofing programmes.
 Select the programme required.
 Touch the  sensor control.
The  symbol lights up brightly and
the first 30 minutes of the Delay start
time appear on the time display.
 Touch the  sensor control re-
peatedly until the required Delay start
time lights up on the time display.
- In the case of settings below 3 hours,
the Delay start time changes in incre-
ments of 30 minutes.
- In the case of settings above 3 hours,
the Delay start time changes in incre-
ments of 1 hour.
Tip: If you press and hold the  sensor
control, the time automatically counts
up to 24 hours.
Starting Delay start
 Touch the  sensor control.
The Delay start process starts and
counts down on the time display.
Changing or cancelling a started

Delay start

If the selected Delay start function has
started, it is no longer possible to
change the time.
 Turn the programme selector to the
 position.
 Turn the programme selector to any
Rotating bars  ...  ...  are
shown on the time display.
The door lock is released.
 Select a programme and a new Delay
start time.
Delay start

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