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Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual page 8

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Table of Contents
Warning and Safety instructions
If the electrical connection cable is faulty it must only be replaced
by a Miele authorised service technician to protect the user from
The machine must be isolated from the electricity supply when
cleaning and maintaining the machine and in the event of a fault.
The machine must only be connected to the on-site water supply
using a new hose kit. Old hose kits must not be re-used. Check the
condition of the hoses regularly so that you can replace them in
good time and avoid the risk of any water damage.
The water flow pressure must be at least 100 kPa and should not
exceed 1000 kPa.
In areas which may be subject to infestation by cockroaches or
other vermin, pay particular attention to keeping the machine and its
surroundings in a clean condition at all times. Any damage which
may be caused by cockroaches or other vermin will not be covered
by the warranty.
The machine must not be used in a non-stationary location (e.g.
on a ship).
Do not make any alterations to the machine, unless authorised to
do so by Miele.

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Table of Contents