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Lock Code; Indicator Switch-Off Behaviour - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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Programmable functions
 Lock code
The lock code prevents the washing
machine being used without your
When the code has been activated, you
have to enter a code after switching the
washing machine on. Otherwise the
washing machine cannot be operated.
 = Lock code switched off (fact-
ory default setting)
 = Lock code is switched on
Using the washing machine with a
PIN code
The code is 125 and cannot be altered.
 Switch on the washing machine.
The time display shows   and 
flashes to prompt you to enter the code.
 Touch the  sensor control.
   appears on the time display.
 Confirm the number with the
 sensor control.
The first number has been saved and
you can now enter the second number
using the  sensor control.
 Enter the second and third numbers
and confirm the numbers with the
 sensor control.
The lock function is deactivated. A
wash programme can now be selected
and started.

Indicator switch-off behaviour

The indicators will switch off after
15 minutes to save energy.
 = Off
The indicators will remain lit up
while the washing machine is
switched on.
= On (factory default setting)
The indicators will switch off
after 15 minutes if the pro-
gramme is started.
However, the indicators will re-
main lit up for 15 minutes after
a Delay start time has elapsed,
after the end of a programme
or at the end of the anti-crease

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