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The Water Protection System - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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The water protection system

The Miele water protection system pro-
tects all parts of the washing machine
from water damage.
The system consists of three main com-
- the inlet hose
- the electronic unit and drainage and
overflow protection
- the drain hose
Inlet hose
- Protection against bursting
The inlet hose is tested to withstand
pressure of at least 7,000 kPa.
Electronic unit and washing machine
- Sump
Any leaking water is collected in a
sump in the base of the machine. A
float switches off the water inlet
valves, preventing any more water
from flowing into the machine and
water in the suds container is
pumped away.
- Overflow protection
This prevents the washing machine
taking in too much water. If the water
level exceeds a certain level, the
drain pump switches in and pumps
the excess water away.
Drain hose
The drain hose is protected by a ventila-
tion system which prevents the washing
machine from being emptied com-

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