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Extra Options; Short; Water; Soak - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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You can use the extra options buttons
to augment the wash programmes.
Use the  sensor control to select or
deselect extra options.
 Touch the  sensor control:
- Once: the Short extra option is selec-
ted and lights up.
- 2 times: the Water + extra option is
selected and lights up.
- 3 times: the Soak extra option is se-
lected and lights up.
- 4 times: the Short and Water + extra
options are selected and light up.
- 5 times: the Water + and Soak extra
options are selected and light up.
- 6 times: all the extra options are
switched off.


For textiles with light soiling with no vis-
ible staining.
The wash duration is reduced.

Water +

The water level in the main wash and
the rinses will be increased. A second
rinse cycle is carried out in the Separate
rinse/Starch programme.
You can select other functions for the
Water + sensor control. These are de-
scribed under "Programmable func-


For cleaning heavily soiled and stained
items with protein stains.
- A duration of between 30 minutes
and 2 hours can be programmed in
30 minute increments for the soak
- The factory default setting is
30 minutes.
See "Programmable functions – Soak"
for instructions on how to programme a
different soak period.


For laundry with large amounts of dirt,
e.g. dust and sand.

Extra options


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