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Start The Programme; Adding Laundry During A Programme Sequence - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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5. Start the programme

Starting a programme
 Touch the  sensor control.
The door will lock and the programme
will start.
If a Delay start time has been selected,
this counts down on the time display. At
the end of the Delay start time or imme-
diately after the programme has started,
the programme duration appears on the
time display.
Switching the indicators on and off
The indicators dim automatically after
15 minutes.
To reactivate the indicators:
 Turn the programme selector.
The indicators are switched on again. If
you do not reset the programme se-
lector to the previously selected pro-
gramme, the  symbol will light up in
the time display.
To prevent the programme from being
cancelled, do not turn the programme
selector to the  position.
Adding laundry during a pro-
gramme sequence
Laundry can be added or removed at
any time, provided that the  symbol
is not illuminated in the display.
 Touch the  sensor control.
Rotating bars  ...  ...  are
shown on the time display.
If the word  appears on the time dis-
play, the door can be opened.
 Open the door. Add or remove laun-
 Close the door.
 Touch the  sensor control.
The programme will continue.
Laundry cannot usually be added or re-
moved if:
- The suds temperature is above 55 °C
- The water inside the drum is above a
certain level

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