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Specialist Detergents - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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Specialist detergents 
These specialist detergents are avail-
able as convenient single-use capsules.
Caps Sport
- For synthetic fabrics
- Neutralises odours thanks to built-in
odour absorber
- Prevents static charge in clothes
- Retains the shape and breathability
of synthetic fabrics
Caps DownCare
- For down-filled items
- Retains the elasticity and breathabil-
ity of down
- Lanolin for effective cleaning and
gentle care
- Down does not stick together and re-
tains its loft
Caps WoolCare
- Woollens and delicates detergent
- Special wheat-protein-based agents
- Fibre-protection technology to help
prevent items shrinking and felting
- Colour-protection formula for gentle
Detergents and care products
Caps UltraDark
- Special-purpose detergent for dark
and black laundry
- Colour-protection formula for gentle
- Anti-pilling effect protects your gar-
ments from discolouration
- Retains colour intensity and bright-
Caps CottonRepair
- Special-purpose detergent for cotton
- Visibly renews fabric with just one
- Special Miele formula with No-
vozymes technology
- Removes pilling and renews colour
intensity and brightness
- Depending on fabric do not use more
than 1–2 times per year
Caps SilkCare
- Silks and delicates detergent
- Special care product made with silk
- Preserves the smooth surface of silk
- Gentle cleaning to protect silk fibres

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