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Service; Contact In The Event Of A Fault; Optional Accessories; Eprel Database - Miele WCA 020 Active Operating Instructions Manual

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Contact in the event of a fault

In the event of any faults which you
cannot remedy yourself, please contact
your Miele dealer or the Miele Customer
Service Department.
You can book a Miele Customer Ser-
vice Department call-out online at
Contact information for the Miele Cus-
tomer Service Department can be
found at the end of this document.
Please quote the model identifier and
serial number of your appliance (Fabr./
SN/Nr.) when contacting the Miele Cus-
tomer Service Department. This inform-
ation can be found on the data plate.
Please note that telephone calls may be
monitored and recorded for training
purposes and that a call-out charge will
be applied to service visits where the
problem could have been resolved as
described in this booklet.
The data plate is found above the
porthole glass when the door is

Optional accessories

Optional spare parts and accessories
for this washing machine are available
from your Miele Dealer, the Miele Spare
Parts Department or via the internet at
Please note that telephone calls may
be monitored and recorded for training

EPREL database

From 1 March 2021, information on en-
ergy labelling and ecodesign require-
ments will be available in the European
Product Database (EPREL). You can find
the product database at the following
link You will
be asked to enter the model identifier.
The model identifier can be found on
the data plate.
Mod.: XXXxxx
M-Nr.: xxxxxxxx Type: XXxx-X
Miele Service


For information on the appliance war-
ranty specific to your country please
contact Miele. See back cover for ad-
In the UK, your appliance warranty is
valid for 2 years from the date of pur-
chase. However, you must activate your
cover by calling 0330 160 6640 or re-
gistering online at


Made in xxx

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